GTS Alive | ISIC CZ has created new B2C brand manual for digital communication


🚀 What have our team at GTS Alive | ISIC CZ been up to in the past year? We've been hard at work preparing three major initiatives to take our business forward, and today, I'm excited to share the first one with you.

**Number 1: GTS Alive | ISIC CZ's New Brand Manual** 📘

This comprehensive brand manual has been crafted over the past three months, led by the talented Markéta Makovská and Veronika Vlachová with invaluable support from the rest of our team. Together, we've not only redefined our visual identity, including graphical design elements, logos, typography, and usage examples, but we've also honed our Tone of Voice and other key aspects.

This document serves as the cornerstone of our B2C communication strategy, aiming to elevate our digital presence to the next level. It goes beyond just visuals, covering strategic sections that have been crucial in shaping the rest of the manual.

Thanks to this milestone, we're now set to seamlessly connect all our digital products with our communication channels, creating a frictionless user journey for our valued customers. The implementation process, starting in Czechia and going internationally, is set to unfold over the next 18 months, covering all our channels, products, and services. I’m very much looking forward to for the day when it all comes to fruition.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates; there's a lot more cooking in our innovation kitchen! 🍳🎉